Certified: vSAN Specialist 2017!

Yesterday, I took and passed VMware’s vSAN Specialist 2017 certification exam! It was a 60 question 105 minute exam which I was able to complete with 40 minutes to spare.  The specialist exams aren’t related to the typical VCP, VCAP, or VCDX exams in the sense that it tests the knowledge someone has in the specific architecture.  In this scenario vSAN 6.x.  The only way to take the vSAN Specialist exam is if you’re VCP certified. Although it does not apply an extension to your VCP expiration date. It was a great way for me to test myself as well on making sure I know what I’m talking about when creating an architecture path for a customer.

VMware provides a study guide on what you should be reading and understand.  The ten sample questions were a good start but what really helped me was watching the vSAN sessions from VMworld 2017 & the vSAN Architecture 100 series on YouTube.

My Study Material:











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