Disabled Mailboxes not displaying in Disconnected Mailbox area

  • Exchange 07

Microsoft’s documentation shows that when you “Disable” a mailbox it will automatically be placed in the “Disconnected Mailbox” area.  That is usually not the case and the GUI doesn’t provide much assistance on refreshing it.  In Exchange 03 we used to run the  the Mailbox cleanup agent to show the mailboxes as disconnected.  Just in case you needed to re-connect or purge them.  In Exchange 07 you have to run the following command in the EMS to force the cleanup:

Clean-MailboxDatabase <Mailbox Database Name>”

This operation seems to run by itself once a day, normally during off-hours.  Although if you need to run it manually just run the EMS command above.

Extra commands for disconnected mailboxes, found here: http://www.mcpblog.net/Lists/Posts/Post.aspx?ID=38

Get all disconnected mailboxes

“Get-MailboxStatistics | where-object { $_.DisconnectDate -ne $null } | Select DisplayName,MailboxGuid”

Remove a single disconnected mailbox

“Remove-Mailbox -Database <Database-Name> -StoreMailboxIdentity <MailboxGuid> -confirm:$false”

Remove all disconnected mailboxes

“$users = Get-MailboxStatistics | where-object { $_.DisconnectDate -ne $null } | Select DisplayName,MailboxGuid,Database”

Now, all disconnected mailboxes are in a variable and you need to run following cmdlet to remove all of them:

“$users | ForEach { Remove-Mailbox -Database $_.Database -StoreMailboxIdentity $_.MailboxGuid -confirm:$false }”


For more info:


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