AD – Add Indiv Users

Attr Used (not in any order):

  • Description
  • displayName
  • homeDirectory
  • homeDrive
  • givenName
  • Mail
  • sAMAccountName
  • sn
  • scriptPath
  • userPrincipalName


$objOU=[ADSI]”LDAP://<OU DN>”

$objUser=$objOU.Create(“user”,”CN=Test One”)





$objUser.Put(“displayName”,”Test One”)

$objUser.Put(“homeDirectory”,”<users share folder>”)

$objUser.Put(“homeDrive”,”<Drive letter>”)

$objUser.Put(“mail”,”<e-mail address>”)

$objUser.Put(“scriptPath”,”<script for adding personal drives>”)

$objUser.Put(“userPrincipalName”,”<user name>@<full domain name>”)


$objUser | Get-Member


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