Changing a Tapes media type

– Performed on NetBackup 7 with Server 2008 R2

The other day we had some dlt tapes sent from our site to import into our local enviornment. We had trouble with the import because the media type recorded for the images was (HCART3) and the local enviornment uses (HCART).

You can manually go into the image file and modify these numbers or you can do it with the following command:

Change a volume’s media type

/usr/openv/volmgr/bin/vmchange -new_mt <media_type> -m <media_id>

-mt media_type Specifies the media type of the volume to change.

Valid media types for NetBackup Enterprise Server follow:

4mm, 8mm, 8mm2, 8mm3, dlt, dlt2, dlt3, dtf, hcart, hcart2, hcart3, odiskwm, odiskwo, qcart, 4mm_clean, 8mm_clean, 8mm2_clean, 8mm3_clean, dlt_clean, dlt2_clean, dlt3_clean, dtf_clean, hcart_clean, hcart2_clean, hcart3_clean.

Valid media types for NetBackup Server follow:

4mm, 8mm, dlt, hcart, qcart, 4mm_clean, 8mm_clean, dlt_clean, hcart_clean.

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