Expire & Delete tapes

– Ran on NetBackup 7 on Server 2008 R2

First you need to make sure that there are no valid images on the tape that you want:

NetBackupbinadmincmdbpimmedia -mediaid -L

If there are no images that you need, expire the tape:

NetBackupbinadmincmdbpexpdate -m -d 0 -host -force

This expires the images in the media database which resides specifically on the media server.

Verify that the images have been expired by re-running:

NetBackupbinadmincmdbpimmedia -mediaid -L

Now make sure that the tape is deleted from the volume manager on the master server. This step is automatically run by Veritas twice a day, and if you have used bpexpdate the tape will be removed but you can force it to take effect immediately:

volmgrbinvmquery -m

This gets some information on the tape such as its assigned date, pool number and status. If the status is anything other that 0×0, that issue needs to be resolved first – The most likely issue is a Frozen tape – IT must be unfrozen before you deassign it.

To unfreeze a tape:

NetBackupbinadmincmdbpmedia -unfreeze -m -h

If the tape was suspended you can replace -unfreeze with -unsuspend

If you are unsure which media server the tape belongs to:

NetBackupbinadmincmdbpimmedia -L -mediaid

This step will deassign and remove the volume images.

Volmgrbinvmquery -deassignbyid

Finally delete the tape:

volmgr/bin/vmdelete -m

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