ONTAP simulator v7.3.4 setup on Ubuntu v10.04


  • VM with Ubuntu (I used v10.04)
  • VMtools
  • ISO of OnTap (I used v7.3.4)

1.  (optional) In a terminal session type in “sudo visudo“, edit the last line from

%admin ALL=(ALL) ALL



2.  Once thats saved, install VMtools and reboot.

3.  Attach the OnTap ISO

4.  Open a Terminal session and type “sudo su -“

5.  Change the directory your in to “/media/CDROM” and type “bash setup.sh -z”

The simulator will then unpack and return to the command prompt.  Once its done, you can then remove the ISO from the CD/DVD drive

6.  Your all set!  To run the sim just type inside the Terminal “sudo /sim/runsim.sh”.  You can also create a launcher on the desktop, just use that command in the “Command” line and change the “Type” to “Application in Terminal”.

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