Zimbra v5.0.18, Hidden commands & Services

Google couldn’t help with this one. Everywhere I searched, I came with I don’t want to say wrong but not applicable to my environment. To make a long story short, I needed to reboot “zmcontrol”. Everything I found kept directing me to the command being in the root directory.  Come to find out the commands to run services and the server are actually in:


My next issue came with using a sudo command to restart “zmcontrol”.  I found that without being logged into “root” or knowing the root’s password a normal user would just have to run the command:

sudo -u zimbra ./zmcontrol stop”

“sudo -u zimbra ./zmcontrol start” or

“sudo -u zimbra ./zmcontrol restart”

Depending on your flavor of restarts.

When I ran a “status” command though I ran into the following issue:

(only user & server names have been covered)

I tried manually restarting those services the same way I restarted “zmcontrol”.  With no luck.  The services would start then stop again.  Without much knowledge of the Linux command line, I wasn’t sure how to continue from here.  I turned to our Linux guru and after giving him a few minutes to poke around he came to the conclusion that those problem services need to be started first before running the “zmcontrol” commands.

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