BES & MDS connection service

OS: Server 2003 R2

BES: 4.1.4

One of today’s major issue revolved around an error a user was receiving when accessing any website or the weather bug application within a Blackberry. The error was “Unable to connect to the selected Mobile Data Service, Please try again later.  If the problem persists please contact your administrator”.  A simple call to Verizon’s best and brightest /end-sarcasm alerted us to it not being their issue and that it was an problem with our BES server.  Come to find out that the service “BlackBerry MDS Connection Service” starts then stops.  Also, under the “Connection Service” tab I realized the server name was incorrect. After reading a ton of forum posts I pieced together the following solution.

  1. Open the registry and go to HKLM/System/CurrentControlSet/Services/BlackBerry MDS Connection Service and double click on ImagePath
  2. At the end of the Value data you should have something like -rbes “<Server Name>_MDS-CS_2”. If the server name is not there or if its incorrect, change it to reflect it.

  4. In my case, I’m using SQL 2005 for the BES database. Log onto the database and open the table labeled MDSConfig and change the machine name to the BES servers name, then exit.
  5. Restart the BlackBerry MDS Connection Service, close and reopen the BlackBerry Manager and you should see the correct server name and the service continually running!

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