How to Export Mailbox Data

Finally, a simple way to export mailbox information other then the horrible Exmerge!  Unfortunately though you do need a completely separate Server 2008 with Outlook and Exchange tools installed.  But I would rather throw up a quick VM and installing all that then dealing with Exmerge and its ridicules inherit permission issues.  FYI, These commands all need to be run in the Exchange Management Shell.

  • To export the mailbox data to a .PST:

Export-Mailbox -Identity <Mailbox_ID_ex._JDoe> -PSTFolderPath <Full_path_of_PST_folder><File_name>.pst

  • Specific date range:

Export-Mailbox -Identity <Mailbox_ID> -StartDate “<Month/Date/Year>” -EndDate “<Month/Date/Year>” -PSTFolderPath <Full_Path_of_PST_Folder><File_name>.pst

  • Sent mail only:

Export-Mailbox -Identity <Mailbox_ID> -IncludeFolders ‘Sent Items’ -TargetFolder <Path_of_folder_to_dump> -TargetMailbox <Mailbox_ID>

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