Windows Enabler

This is an amazing tool which assisted me in unlocking the grayed out button that appears in copying a user profile in server 2008 and R2.  The following screenshots were done with a Windows 7 VM but the premise is the exact same.

  • There is nothing to install.  Just run the executable, it runs in the bottom system tray.

  • Click on it to turn it on.

  • Once its on, click on the grayed out button and voila! Its now click-able!

  • Once copied, remove the program in the system tray and delete the executable.

I have used this method a couple VM templates that are in production without a single hiccup.  There aren’t any issues that I’m aware of at this moment.  Now, a little FYI, Microsoft has disabled the copy button for a reason.  They insist that copying the profile created some unexpected errors.  Like I said though, I haven’t seen anything so I guess time will tell.  If you have used this method and see issues, please comment!

Windows Enabler site
Windows Enabler download

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